Catching crawly bobs - By Anne Newstead
In Oxhey Park when my brother was 13 and I was 10 around 1939 we used to go down the dump and get a bike that someone had thrown away. My brother used to adjust it to suit his build then he would ride down the hill in his swimming trunks and drive straight in the River Colne.In the winter time when it snowed more we used to get a piece of corrugated tin to use as a sledge and slide down the hill in the park.We used to swim and go fishing and we would catch Cray Fish which we used to call Crawly Bobs. Then light a fire and cook them on a bit of old tin.Oxhey Dell, Oxhey - By Steve Walker
The path through Oxhey Park that I used to take to the bus stop home after school. Other kids would lurk in the bushes top left and swoop down to bully us as we went through.
THE AVENGERS: The See-Through Man (filmed November 1966) - this is on the "Series 5" DVD set
THE AVENGERS: Game (filmed June 1968) - this is on the "Series 6" DVD setavengers

The Professionals (TV Series) - When the Heat Cools Off (1978)

Aerial video footage of Oxhey Park from August 2014
Just wanted to share a video (youtube) I made of Oxkey Park recently. Hope you like it.
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